The What

I work with clients who want everything from a little refresh to a complete top to bottom remodel. Whether it's changing out pillows and accessories for a fresh look, or stripping everything and starting over, we will build your perfect space together. I will help you choose flooring, countertops, lighting , colors, and furnishings.  With a background in real estate, I can also stage your home so you can reach your optimum sales price in the fastest time possible. Understanding how strangers interact with a space has also prepared me to create engaging event spaces that engage and excite your guests. So, whether its creating your ideal home, intriguing buyers, or even hosting an event, I will bring your vision to life. I love what I do, and look forward to creating spaces with you. 

The Why

Design and architecture have influenced my life since I can remember. My family built a very contemporary home in my early childhood complete with a green shag carpet. Shortly after, we relocated an 1800's log home onto our property to use as a guest cottage. That is when I learned how opposites attract - the juxtaposition of an antique in a modern home to pique interest, or a touch of contemporary in a vintage space to give it energy. Since then, I have committed myself to weaving these opposites together in interesting ways to create unique spaces for people to live, play, work, and relax. 


Reach out! We can talk through your vision and come up with a plan together. 

Phone: (970) 744-8892